We bridge the gap between technology barriers & starting a business online.

Websites are more than just an online place to store your business. With the correct website design, businesses can effectively sell both their brand and their products. Consumers connect with brands, not products.

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who we are & what we value.

About Us is a Dublin based business that was created specifically for small businesses. When it comes to websites, we recognised a disconnect between beginners and designers. The website design process was overcomplicated which restricted small business owners from utilising the full potential of their websites. bridges this gap by providing our customers with outstanding websites while giving them the necessary information so that they can understand website design and development. We aim to equip our clients with sufficient website design knowledge so that they are capable of making future edits themselves. 


We empower small businesses to transform their business through establishing a great website. We work closely with business owners to ensure that they have the confidence to leverage their talents and utilise the success that occurs with the right exposure to potential customers.


We aim to remove all of the technological barriers that currently prevent small business owners from realising the opportunities that exist online. Considering internet usage is continuously growing, our goal is to educate website beginners to ensure that they have the skills to operate their website on their own.

our beginner manual

We know that website beginners may feel overwhelmed by the number of new terminologies and software jargon. This is why our team at The Website Designer created a beginner level document that outlines a detailed explanation of each term associated with website development. Enter your email below to download our FREE beginner website manual.

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How we can help you

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We help you to achieve your vision by using a great website design as a strategy to achieve your business objectives.

What do our website design clients say about us? website design about us review

Bryan, Owner

When I began my new business I had no idea how to operate and build a website. not only designed my amazing website but also provided me with excellent website training. Highly recommend it to anyone new business owners who need a website designed and additional training.

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Lauren, Owner

I am a small business owner who needed website edits. made the process easy and affordable. They helped me bring my rebrand to life - true professionals! website design about us review

Luke, Managing Director

As a small business owner I needed a website redesign but didn't know where to start. helped me figure out what exactly my website required in the most cost effective and timely manner. I highly recommend the company to any small business owners that have no website knowledge.

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